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Clarksville Family Fun At Kids-N-Play

Ever wake up and wonder what to do with the kids?!  Or wake up to a rainy day and know that outside time is not an option?  Rainy days do not have to be boring days in Clarksville!  There are many places in Clarksville that can keep you dry while having a good time!  One such place is Kids-N-Play in Clarksville.  This is more than just a rainy day place though!  Kids-N-Play isn’t your typical indoor entertainment center.  Not only is it fun for children but it caters to the parents and caregivers!  They have a large sitting area that allows adults the opportunity to chit chat.  You don’t have to worry about your child(ren) because Kids-N-Play has associates who watch them!

They also have a range of activities that will accommodate children from the age of 1 until the age of 12.  Also, if you have or know a child with special needs, they offer a special needs night once a month, after the center is closed to the public!  This is offered on the first Thursday of every month from 5-8 pm.