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Two Ladies Caring (TLC) Pet Rescue in Clarksville/Woodlawn

Dogs are man’s best friend and cats are pretty darn cool too.  Pets are not just animals, but part of our families.  Moving can be stressful, some families realize that their beloved pets cannot come with them.  Others decide that a new “family” member is exactly what they need to help this area feel like a home.  In both cases, research where you are leaving and getting your pet.  There are shelters (please make sure they are non kill) and rescues.

A great rescue located in Woodlawn TN is called TLC (Two Ladies Caring) and they really do care.  They will keep an animal until it gets a family or a foster.  They will not turn their back on an animal because it is older, or sick.  TLC is a not for profit organization and spend just about every Saturday at PetSmart having an adoption event.  If you are looking for a new family member, check them out, they allow you a week of fostering to make sure that you and your pet are a good match.  Also, if you are unable to care for your pet (or unable to bring them with you) contact TLC, and let them help you.