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Mandatory Water Restrictions in North Clarksville

On June 12, 2017, a mandatory water restriction was issued for North Clarksville due to a water main leak near Garner Hills Dr. and Allen Griffey Rd.  This restriction is for all residents in the Allen Griffey Water Pressure Zone!  Clarksville Gas and Water are implementing Stage 3 of the drought management plan, in hopes of reducing water usage by 25% (per person, per day).  In order to achieve this reduction, North Clarkville will need to work together!

The mandatory water restriction is in effect until further notice and is as follows:

  • Prohibits the operation of fountains or ponds (unless it is necessary to support wildlife, or if it is equipped with a recirculation system).
  • Prohibits recreational water use (including: faucets, hoses, hydrants).
  • Prohibits washing any vehicle (regardless type)
  • Prohibits filling/refilling pools
  • Prohibits cleaning or hosing paved areas, buildings, or other surfaces.
  • Landscape irrigation is also prohibited.
  • Encourages restaurants in the area to only serve water when requested.