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Quick, Cheap and Easy Updates For Your Home In Clarksville, Ft. Campbell Area!

When you own a home, there are things that can be done to hurt the value and to help it!  If you plan on selling in the near future, you may want to concentrate on what can add value to your home.  One thing buyers look for are updates.  But which updates are worth it?!  Remember not all updates have to be costly.  So after you clean and declutter here are some cosmetic updates that can help the resale of your home!  If you have any questions, or are ready to list your home, Call Tamela at: 931-237-1417

  • Paint Colors – Certain paint colors can help the sale of your home.  Plus a fresh coat of paint helps to freshen up the house.  Cool blues and greys have been shown to peak a buyer’s interest.  There is a bit more color than the typical beige but still is a semi blank canvas that attract buyers.
  • Updating the Kitchen – This can become costly if you want to update the floors and the counter top.  But if you want a cheaper quick fix, try updating the fixtures and hardware.  You can also add some artwork, and update with some stylish storage.
  • Add accent colors to decor – If you want to add color to your room but don’t want to paint the whole house that color, add some accents.  Stage your home to give it that pop of color.  Buy some area rugs, decorative pillows and window treatments in the color of your choice.
  • Power Outlets – Switch out some of the old outlets with ones that have the usb port built in.  Add these to areas where it would be convenient for people to charge their phones and electronics.
  • Clean carpets and floors – Many times the floor is the first thing a buyer checks out.  A dirty floor may give the appearance of being worse for wear.  Floor waxing and steam cleaning the carpet, is generally an inexpensive way to breath new life into your floors without having to replace them all!
  • Clear out the garage – Make sure to clear out and clean the garage.  It is important that a potential buyer can see the size of the garage.  Clutter will give it the appearance of being smaller than it is.
  • Change corroded door knobs – If you have any dented or corroded door knobs just replace them with new ones.  You do not need to buy expensive ones, you just want it to look fresh, clean and updated.
  • Landscape – keep your lawn mowed and edges trimmed.  Remove any dead plants and/or trees.  If you have trees, keep the leaves raked.
  • Paint exterior and interior trim – Paint the exterior trim and interior as well.  This will give a clean and fresh appearance.
  • Check for smells – use light sprays and open the windows for fresh air before a showing.  Do not go overboard on the scented candles.  Make sure the house does not smell like pets or mildew.