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How To Add Curb Appeal To Your Clarksville Home The Cost Effective Way

When you are looking to buy or sell a home, you hear the word landscaping and curb appeal a lot.  Keep in mind, you don’t have to spend a lot of money sprucing up the outside of your home, most times it can be done on a budget!  Here are a few ways you can keep your outdoor space looking good!  If you have any questions about adding curb appeal and/or interested in buying or selling a home, call/text Tamela at: 931-237-1417.

  • mow the grass and trim the edges around walkways and curbs
  • If you have bushes make sure they are not over grown, and trimmed properly
  • rake and remove the fallen leaves and branches.
  • remove any dead trees/plants
  • Clean up any outdoor clutter.  Remove any broken furniture/toys.  Hide the hose and garbage pails.
  • Paint exterior trim, remove any peeling paint
  • Clean windows and replace/repair screens
  • Power wash the outside of your house
  • If you have a deck, make sure it is not rotted and remove any peeling paint, repaint if looking faded.
  • Repaint your front door, also replace knobs and locks if they are rusted or in bad shape.
  • Add a wreath to the front door that will reflect the style inside.
  • Makeover your mailbox and make sure it is in good working order and not dented/rusted or broken.
  • Replace/repair gutters and downspouts, make sure that your drainage water is flowing away from the house.
  • If you have exposed slab foundation, add faux rock, brick or wood paneling to it.
  • Many electrical boxes are a silver eyesore.  Paint them the color of the house to blend them in.