The Kindness Rock Project…Have You Participated In Clarksville? – What's Up Clarksville

The Kindness Rock Project…Have You Participated In Clarksville?

The Kindness Rock Project is something I recently learned about, even though it has been going on for a while.  My friend in Washington started finding painted rocks.  Her kids really enjoyed finding the rocks, and they started creating their own, and leaving them around town for others to find.  It is a fun and easy way to spread happiness, regardless of age!  I also started seeing posts of people finding rocks in Clarksville, so I knew the kindness project was here too.

But what is the kindness project exactly?  It is basically a way to spread kindness to unsuspecting individuals.  The project was started as a hobby for one person but now is a movement followed by many.  Eventually this movement spread throughout the US and  even to other countries!  It is now considered a grass roots kindness movement.  The goal is to encourage others to find ways to brighten someone’s day unexpectedly.  You can create your own kindness rocks, leave notes, or find your own way to share a random act of kindness!  I am definitely going to start participating, whose with me?!