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Keeping Your Clarksville Home Cool Without AC

It is July in Mid Tennessee, and with that brings the scorching summer temperatures!  It is hard to imagine being able to cool your home without the use of an air conditioner.  But what if I told you it was possible?!  Here are a few tips that can help cool down your home without cranking up the ac.  Even if you aren’t ready to turn your ac off completely, using some of these suggestions can definitely help reduce the heat in your home, which will help lower your ac and electric usage.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


  • Block the sun whenever possible.  When the sun is streaming through your windows, make sure you to close your blinds, shades and/or curtains.  For best results, get curtains that are lined with light colored fabric.  That will help reflect the sun not absorb it.
  • Add window film.  There are different kinds of window film but keep in mind that mirror like films are more effective than colored transparent films.  Add these films on east and west facing windows.  This will help cool you in the summer and warm you in the winter.
  • Open your windows on cooler days.  Whenever the temperature is cooler outside than inside, open up your windows.  The flow of cooler air will help lower the temperature of all items within your home.
  • Use Fans.  Portable fans are a great option because you can move them around as you need them.  At night, place the fan in front of an open window.  That will help circulate any cooler outside air.  During the day, move the fan around where you will feel it the most.  For additional cooling, place bowls (or glasses) of ice water in front of the fan.  This will help the fan circulate cooler air.  If you have a ceiling fan, make sure it is spinning in the proper direction.  It should be pushing air downward.  When you aren’t in the room, you may want to turn the fan off, as the motor will generate additional heat.
  • Turn off appliances when possible.  Appliances give off heat.  Turn off TVs, computers and lights when you aren’t using them.  Try using your oven, washer and dryer during the cooler parts of the day, whenever possible.
  • Plant trees.  Trees help to  reduce the amount of sunlight that will enter the home, and give cooling shade.  It is best to have trees by the west side of the house where the sun’s rays would be the strongest.  Choose trees that will have leaves in the summer, and lose them for the winter (so that you can have that winter sun help warm up your house).  Keep in mind when choosing a tree, be aware of the height, root growth and canopy width.  You do not want to have a big tree in a little spot, and vice versa.