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The Importance Of A Real Estate Professional In The Clarksville Market

When you think of a real estate agent, what do you envision?  Do you think of a person who drives people around to look at houses?  Or maybe someone who takes photos of houses, and lists it?  There are so many different ways someone can envision a realtor.  Some people don’t even think a realtor is necessary, or worth paying for.  So what does a realtor do exactly, and how can they help you with the buying or selling of your home?

First, when buying or selling your home, find a realtor that you feel comfortable with.  If you are unsure of something, do not hesitate to ask.  The realtor is there to help you and help you understand the process.  So how can you learn more about a realtor?  Now-a-days, thanks to the internet, finding out about businesses is easy.  Do not be afraid to search around and see what people are saying about a realtor.  Read the reviews, and compare.  Also, think about how a realtor can meet your needs.  If you are moving long distance, you may want a realtor who has experience with long distance moves.  If you are wanting to invest, look for someone who has investment experience.  Not all realtors are the same, and definitely do not have the same experiences.

What can you expect once you choose a realtor?

  • The realtor is your guide.  He/she will learn about your wants and needs, and your budget.  A good real estate agent can help you narrow your search and help you to identify your priorities.  After viewing a few homes, it is okay if you realize your wants and needs change.  Just let your realtor know, so they can adjust the search accordingly.
  • Your realtor should be able to educate you.  Your agent should be able to give you data on the local market and comparable sales in the area you are looking to buy or selling in.  Your realtor should be able to explain every step involved with the buying and/or selling process, and explain it in a way that you can understand.
  • The agent should have a strong network.  Agents tend to know other agents in the area.  This helps with communication between the listing and selling agent, and makes for a smoother transaction all around.  A strong network also means that a realtor will be able to  give you recommendations for trusted lenders, home inspectors, contractors etc.
  • Your agent is your advocate.  You are your agent’s responsibility.  That means your agent should always have your best interest at heart.  You will have an expert who is looking out for your best financial interest and is bound by contract to help you and protect you.
  • He/she will negotiate on your behalf.  It is your realtor’s job to handle the negotiation process.  This includes preparing the necessary offer and counter offer paperwork.  Your realtor will talk to the other side on your behalf.  All offers and counter offers should be discussed in detail with you, with you having complete say in how you want to proceed.  Do not hesitate to look to your realtor for guidance if you need help.  Once your inspection is complete your realtor will help you negotiate for repairs, and again talk to the other side on your behalf.
  • The realtor will be able to manage the minutia (small details that are necessary).  Real estate paperwork and contracts can be extensive and precise.  A forgotten check mark, or misspelling can make it null and void, which would mean the paperwork needs to be redone.  A good real estate agent will do what is necessary to avoid delays, including being vigilant with paperwork.
  • Your agent will always be on the look out.   There are a many number of things that can go wrong during the selling and buying process.  An expert realtor will be able to watch out for signs of trouble before it is too late.  He/she will be able to handle any challenges that may arise and advocate in your favor.

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