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Clarksville Montgomery County School Bus and School Zone Safety

The 2018 – 2019 school year has begun!  I am not sure where the summer went, but it went by in a hurry.  This past Monday (8/6/18), began the new school year with a half day.  Wednesday will be the first full day for students.  Let’s remember that there will be more traffic, more children and more buses out and about.  Pay attention to school zones, and the hours they operate, especially if they don’t have flashing lights.  Remember, the legal speed limit during school zone times are (usually) considerably slower than the regular posted speed.

There will be a lot more school buses on the road as well.  The middle and high school students get picked up before 6 am in some areas.  Busing will continue until the elementary school gets dropped off around 8:15 am.  This will happen again starting a little after 2 pm for middle and high school, and go on until the elementary children get dropped off in the evening (I am unsure of how long some of the drop offs can be, but figure buses will be on the road until around 5 pm).  Remember that when buses put on their flashing red lights (and stick out their stop sign), that is considered a legal stop.  Traffic must obey it as if it was a posted stop sign.  I know it can be confusing with who has to stop, and who doesn’t, so I am attaching a photo that was released from the Clarksville Police Department, to help take the confusion out of the stop.

I hope that all the CMCSS children have a great year!