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Clarksville Solar Eclipse, Are You Ready?!

The Solar Eclipse is only a few days away, August 21!  Are you ready?  If you plan on spending the day (or weekend) in the Clarksville area, make sure you are prepared!  You may wonder, what kind of preparations you should make.

  • If you plan on looking at the solar eclipse, make sure you have the proper viewing glasses.  Some glasses have been recalled, so make sure you have the proper ones.  Many local businesses have sold out of solar viewing glasses.
  • If you are taking pictures of the eclipse make sure that you have the special solar filter, so the intense light does not destroy your camera.
  • If you live in the Clarksville area, expect a lot of additional traffic.  The area will have an influx of 300,000 visitors this coming weekend.
  • Due to the amount of people coming to the area, make sure you have gotten gas and groceries before August 18.
  • Many local businesses will be closing the day of the eclipse (including banks, realty firms, closing companies, schools, etc) so plan accordingly and check if you are unsure.

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