Tobacco Curing Season In Clarksville – What's Up Clarksville

Tobacco Curing Season In Clarksville

A barn curing the tobacco.

If you are new to the Clarksville area, you may not realize that it is tobacco curing season!  All those leafy plants are being picked and transported to barns to be cured.  You may see the trucks transporting the crops as well.  They are open bedded and have the plants hanging upside down.  Once at the barn,  the curing (or drying) process involves a smoldering fire and lots of smoke.  This smoke will radiate through the barn.  If you happen to be driving by and see a barn that is smoking, it is just the old process of curing.  This is how farmers prepare their tobacco crops to be sold.  So if you see smoke, there is no need to panic.  The only time you should be alarmed is if you see flames coming out of the barn.