Clarksville Montgomery County Proposes New Schools And Rezoning – What's Up Clarksville

Clarksville Montgomery County Proposes New Schools And Rezoning

The Clarksville Montgomery School Board has recently learned that a new High School, new Middle School, and four elementary school expansions are needed to help the increasing student population.  This increase isn’t new either!  There are an estimated 651 new students every year.  This trend has been on going for the past 30 years.  Within these last 10 years, the school system has had to build a new school almost every year, to help with this continuing increase.

The cost to  build the new schools is estimated to be around $105 million, and the expansion to be around $17.5 million.  Until this can be decided, it was recommended that the schools rezone for the 2018-2019 school year.  This would be done in hopes to relieve the pressure of the expanding student body.  Some schools are already using portable classrooms to help with the growing student body.  The belief is rezoning would help the schools that have reached or surpassed 100% capacity.

Nothing has been decided yet, but the proposal has been brought to the attention of the board.