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Helpful Information Regarding New Construction Homes In The Clarksville Area

There are many different new construction homes to choose from.  Different styles, price ranges, subdivisions, builders, etc.  It really depends what you are in the market for.  A new construction home is a home that is being built, or just has been built.  No one has lived in that house yet.  In some cases the whole subdivision may be being built.  There are some things you should keep in mind when looking into a new construction.

  • On occasion the new builds may not be listed in the local MLS.  This is because the builders sometimes have their own employees doing the sale.  They may prefer to advertise online, in the local papers or even with billboards.  Don’t fret though, in the Clarksville area you can find many new builds and future builds in the MLS.  This is because some of the builders here use local realtors to sell their properties for them.
  • Sometimes the new homes are sold before they are built.  When this happens, they will build model homes that allow the buyer to see what the homes will look like and where they will be within the community.  If you are interested in having a home built, and don’t like the floor plan, layout, or area…don’t worry.  You can have one built to your specifications and the builder will work hard to find a property that works for you.  Those are sometimes called custom built homes.
  • Builders will sometimes negotiate with you!  Do you want a fence, a certain type of appliance?  Talk with the builder and/or ask in the contract…many times they will be willing to discount upgrades or even include it in the sale.  You never know if you don’t ask!

If you think a new construction home is the way you want to go, whether building a custom one, looking for one that is already being built, or just have additional questions regarding the process, call or text Tamela at: 931-237-1417.  Tamela has worked with many of the builders in the area as well as listed and sold many new construction homes.