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Ignoring Home Oddities When Looking To Buy In Clarksville

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  I admit, that analogy is a bit extreme but you get the point.  When buying a home, you will walk into houses that are just not you, messy, odd and/or even confusing.  That doesn’t mean that you should disregard it.  These things can sometime sabotage a seller’s sale.  Many people can’t look past these issues, and will let a great house get away.  Here are a few items that if you can ignore, you may get a great house at an even better price!  When houses don’t show well, they tend to sit on the market, which makes seller’s either lower the price, or consider a lower offer.  Which means all that “junk” can turn into your “treasure”.

  • Some houses may have strange wall paper, odd color paint, dirty carpet, and a bit outdated.  When buyers walk into homes with those issues, it can be a turn off.  Buyers generally prefer homes that are turn-key or move in ready.  If a seller doesn’t want to fix these items, don’t fret because painting walls and/or replacing carpet won’t break your bank, and won’t take long to do.  Sometimes these items can be done before you actually move into the home.
  • People will use their homes in ways that suite their needs. You may see a bedroom that has become a closet, or a dining room that is now a playroom.  Keep in mind that once the home is yours, you can convert these rooms back to their original use or in a way that suites you.  Very little time, effort and money would go into putting these rooms back to their intended function.  Look past what they are now, and think about what they will become for you!
  • Sellers sometimes have A LOT of photos, certificates and artwork around the home.  With these items all around, it may be difficult to see what the home would be like with you in it.  Remember though, these items will be gone when the seller goes.  Do your best to see past these items.  Sometimes it isn’t only the sellers items that let their presence be known.  On occasion the seller themselves will not leave during the showing.  This can be awkward and stressful for a buyer.  The buyer may feel the need to only look briefly, and be on their best behavior.  If you are in this situation, do your best to ignore the seller and get a good look at the home.  These items may make a home difficult to sell, so if you can look past that, you may get a great deal that doesn’t cost you any additional time or money!

So if you see a home that is in a great location, school, district, good price…but just doesn’t have a great “showing presence” don’t let it slip away!  Just look at the before and after of the room below.  A little paint, new furniture and some personal, the room has transformed itself!  If you have any questions regarding buying a home that may not look perfect, or have any questions regarding the buying and selling of a home, call/text Tamela at 931-237-1417!