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Edible Onion Grass All Over Clarksville

Wild Onions

Being outdoors is something we enjoy here at What’s Up Clarksville.  Whether we are camping, hiking or cleaning up the trails, we are about being outdoors as much as possible this time of year.  Part of hiking and camping is learning about what is around us.  Every year, I notice the “wild onions” or onion grass.  It is growing is droves this time of year.  This grass is sometimes called a weed but I call it food.  It is completely edible and tastes just like onions.  My family and I went outside before our first mow, and dug out as many of the larger onion bulbs as we could find (some are just too tiny for me).  These are just like the green onions/chives that you buy in the store.  They have a white bulb and a dark green stem and I personally like to get both when I’m picking.  I am used to looking for them so I know what to look for, but if you are unsure, give a smell and nibble.  They will smell and taste like onion.  If they do not, you don’t have onion grass.  I’ve been adding them to all my recipes and I just found this amazing sounding recipe and will be making this for dinner tonight!  Let me know how you use your natural edibles!