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Quick, Easy And Cheap Ways To Add Character To Your Clarksville Home Walls

Peel and stick to make a unique accent wall

A house is just a house until we make it a home.  There are so many different ways a house can become more than just a structure.  Here are some quick, easy and cheap ways to add character to your walls!

  •  Add trim:  You can buy cheap lattice, shiplap, etc, add it to the wall and paint the color of your choice.
  • Peel and stick wood planks:  It is as easy as it sounds…you peel and you stick.  A quick and easy way to make an expensive looking accent wall.
  • Mini shelves:  If you don’t want bulky shelves on your wall, consider knocking out the drywall in between the wall joists.  Knock out the size you want, and add cube shelving to create the storage area.
  • Wallpaper:  Yes, wallpaper is back in style.  The sky’s the limit with prints and colors.  Some wallpapers are easy to remove as well, so future resale would not be an issue.
  • Corkboard:  Another easy to hang (and remove) is corkboard.  Add as much or as little as you want.  You decide the look of the room by what you pin on the board.
  • Legos:  Find the flat lego boards, cut and glue to the wall in whatever pattern you choose.  Your children’s creations can then become a work of art to be displayed all day long without the legos getting under foot.
  • Tape:  Tape can work in different ways.  First, you can tape off a design and paint around it.  When you pull off the tape, the section that was taped off stays white, leaving a crisp design.  Another way you can use tape, is as the actual design.  There are specialty tapes that you can buy that will stick to the wall and will save you the hassle of painting!