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Your Clarksville Home “To Do List” For July

Lately it has not only been hot in Clarksville, but INFERNO hot.  This time of year, many people turn toward indoor activities, at least during the hottest parts of the day.  While you are spending time indoors, why not concentrate on this July to-do list, that will help you save money when autumn comes!

  1. ORGANIZE THE BASEMENT –  If you happen to have a basement now is the time to clean it out.  Many items that clutter up the basement are old clothing and seasonal items.  The things that you don’t want cluttering the upstairs house.  Once it’s all cleared out, you’ll have a great space that will make you feel great too.
  2. FINISH THE BASEMENT – Again, great tip if you have a basement.  If you are in need of additional space, and have a basement, why not consider finishing it?  When you finish your basement, you not only gain space, but it builds equity and resale value.  If you don’t feel like going through the hassle of completely refinishing, you can just fix it up into a usable space.  You won’t gain resale value but you definitely can gain more space by using as more than just storage.
  3. PAINT – Paint in July with all this heat and humidity?  Well, if you have central air, definitely give it a thought.  If you don’t, consider buying your paint now and just paint in the cooler weather.  Many places put paint on sale in July, so you can stock up now and be ready for later.
  4. RESALE STORES – This is the home improvement season.  Which means many people will be redoing things, and getting rid of items.  You may find some great deals and home improvement ideas when you check out resale stores/consignment/thrift stores etc.  You never know what you’re going to find.

For additional cleaning ideas for the month of July, see the calendar below.