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9/11/2001 We Will Never Forget

Hi all, this is Tammy, Tamela’s assistant.  The reason I am saying who this is, is because there will be personal opinions stated (which I normally do my best to keep out of my blogs).

I was born and raised in NYC.  I lived most of my life there but now Woodlawn TN is my home.  Today though, my heart, my thoughts and my prayers are with my brethren in New York City.  The Montgomery County facebook page wrote a post about “Where were you 17 years ago today”.  It is not written out of malice, but written with no attachment to what is being asked.  It is written from someone who was not there and only watched it on TV.  For me it is a question that reaches deep into my heart and soul.  Where was I 17  years ago?  I was in art class at Queens College and the city that never sleeps was brought to its knees and silenced.  I couldn’t get home, the roads were blocked and closed.  Buses stopped and picked people up where ever they saw them, without asking for payment.  When I was close to my home I could hear the fighter jets over head, and saw the sky filled with black smoke.  I sat at home and waited.  My brother who was in High School at the time finally made it home.  He watched the towers fall (his school was directly across the water).  On the bus ride home they heard the jets and someone said “I hope their ours” (on a side note, even after seeing that, my brother is now a Lieutenant in the FDNY and has been a firefighter for over 10 years).  As scary as these moments were for us, it was nothing compared to the people in the City at the time.  Manhattan was on lock down.  It was almost impossible to get out due to traffic, panic and congestion.  My one aunt was home that day thankfully (she worked across the street, her building was destroyed).  My other aunt took forever to get home.  No one could walk through the tunnels, so officers were stopping cars and having them take people through.  Luckily my aunt got a ride with a very nice man who took her almost all the way home.  She said it was devastating to see the people walking around covered with debris and knowing where they came from.  And even with all this, it was nothing compared to my friends who lost their loved ones that day.  Who bow their heads for a specific person.  I would never dare ask “where were you 17 years ago”.  The truth is, you may not be able to handle that answer.

So today, on this day my heart is full of the sorrow of those who lost their lives on 9/11.  It is also full of pride not only for the FDNY, NYPD, EMT, Military Personal but for all of those who helped in any way they could.  Let us continue to stand united.