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Fun Food Friday: The Natural Selection Juicery in Clarksville

I was deciding if this should be Spotlight Saturday or Fun Food Friday.  But since it is Friday, and after a stressful week full of Kirby Wallace on the run, I thought it was time to lighten the mood (now that he was caught).  So today on Fun Food Friday we will introduce Clarksville’s (and Oak Grove’s) newest Juicery, the Natural Selection Juicery.  If you don’t know, Tamela is very big on nutrition and juicing.  She was excited to try the newest Juicery located at 1790A Tiny Town Rd, Clarksville.  Not only do they juice but they also have premade “Natural Selection Meal Preps”.  These meals are available in store and online.  Tamela has not tried a meal yet, but is excited to.  If you have tried one already, please let us know what you think!  What we can say, is that the Beetle Juice was AMAZING.  But of course we do enjoy beets.  That juice is made with beets, carrots, spinach, pineapple and apple.  It was filling and delicious.  Tamela and I agree that we will be trying other juices in the future.

So if you are interested in juicing, smoothies, meal preps, or anything along those lines, you will want to give them a call or visit.  For the natural meal prep visit there website at:  To learn more about the Juicery in general check out their facebook page at: