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How To Quickly Organize Your Clarksville Bedroom

Organization doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it feels like there is just too much stuff, and not enough space. No matter how much I downsize, it seems like there is always a mess of things on top of my dresser. So whether you’re like me, and need help organizing, or you just want some new organizing ideas, keep reading!

  • Clear off the top of the dresser (my arch-nemesis) and the nightstand. Only leave items that need to be there. Use a tray to keep smaller items in place. Items that aren’t necessary to be there must find new homes, or get tossed.
  • Clean out drawers (one at a time). Take everything out of the drawer. Get rid of what you don’t use or wear. Then refold everything that you want to keep. Make sure the items you use the most have the easiest access.
  • Purses and Shoes. First with purses, clean all your stuff out of them. Throw away what you don’t use, or don’t need. For purses and shoes, get rid of the ones that are in poor condition, or ones that you just don’t see yourself using anymore. If your purses are all over, add some hooks to your closet wall. This allows you to hang the purses without using up closet space. If you have a lot of shoes left that you just can’t part with, consider having a shoe rack for either the floor or wall.
  • Cleaning out the closet (stage 1). This will probably not be a fast task. But one that you can do over time. Sort through your clothing. Try things on if necessary. Get rid of items that you haven’t worn in 6 months to a year. If you need help figuring this out , I once read that when the new year starts, turn all your hangers in the same direction. Once you use the item, turn it in the opposite direction. In 6 months time, see what you have used and what you haven’t. Take a good look at the items that you haven’t used, why? Do you not like it, does it not fit right, does it just look wrong on you? Get rid of it at that point.
  • Cleaning out the closet (stage 2). Do you keep a bunch of seasonal clothing in there? Heavy coats that take up room? Consider storing those items elsewhere if possible. If not, consider using vacuum sealing bags, that suck all the extra air out of the bags (keeping the item flat, and safe from moisture and bugs). That will definitely free up some space.