2019’s 250K Tree Day For Tennessee – What's Up Clarksville

2019’s 250K Tree Day For Tennessee

The size of the saplings in 2017

Tree day is coming! This is the largest community tree planting project in the United States. This year Tennessee is wanting to plant 250,000 trees! Which is up from the 100k back in 2017. But to do this, the state needs your help. Tennessee is offering $1 trees that can be ordered from now until March 10 (while supplies last). You will be able to pick up your trees from a designated location within Clarksville (if you are in a different area, please check where those designated spots are). Tree pick up will be held on March 22 and 23. With community planting being done at the 23. All you have to do is plant your trees on your property during that time.

This year, trees can only be ordered in groups of 4 (so each bundle will cost $4.00). This is to help diversity in the trees planted. The bundles will contain:

  • Red Oak
  • Pine
  • Fruit or flowering
  • Redbud (or similar)

To order your trees, please click here.

2017 offered a plum fruit tree, which was planted in my own back yard