Hands Free TN Starts July 1, 2019 – What's Up Clarksville

Hands Free TN Starts July 1, 2019

Starting July 1st Tennessee will be joining many other states that already have a hands free law, when it comes to talking and texting (on the phone) while driving. The hope is that it will eliminate distractions while driving. Starting July 1st it will be illegal to:

  • Hold a cell phone with your hands or any other part of your body. This also includes any other mobile devices (if you hold your phone for the gps, make sure to get a good mount so you can see it).
  • Write, read or send any text communication. This includes any apps that use messaging.
  • Reach for a cell phone that is out of reach. This means that you can not be bent over, or no longer in your seat trying to get your cell phone. This also includes any position that involves you getting out of your seat belt.
  • Watch any video/movie or any other watchable material with your cell phone or any other mobile device.
  • Record or broadcast any kind of video on a cell phone or other recordable mobile device.

Do you think that cell phones and other mobile devices are a distraction? It may not be one for you, but statistics show that it is definitely a distraction for some. In 2018 there were over 24,600 crashes in the state of Tennessee! These are the crashes recorded that involved distracted drivers. Tennessee actually has the highest rate of distracted driving deaths in the entire nation. If that doesn’t sound bad enough it is nearly five times higher than the national average.

If you are on your phone a lot while driving, make sure you get a hands free headset. You can get a blue tooth or one that is connected to the phone via a wire. Newer vehicles also offer blue tooth options. You just have to pair your device to your car. Be safe Tennessee!