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Preparing For A Clarksville Storm

Firstly, I hope everyone is doing okay after the storm we had on Saturday. Here in Woodlawn, we lost power for 14 hours and I know some areas were much longer. The storm may have been fast, but it was powerful. Surprisingly no trees fell in my yard, but we have lost 5 trees in 3 years. So I understand how that goes. Due to the fact that Woodlawn had endured extreme wind in the past, I knew that I had to get my gazebo down. I had lost 2 in previous storms. I had just enough time before the storm hit. Past experience told me to do that, but sometimes just being prepared is enough to help a bit. So here is a list of items to help prepare you for the next storm.

  • Make sure you trim your trees and remove dead branches. This will prevent dead limbs from falling and causing additional damage to homes, cars, fences, etc.
  • Have the necessary materials to board up windows. You may think this isn’t necessary unless there is a hurricane. But a woman I know had a window blow out in the last storm.
  • Bring items in from outside, or secure them. Many a trampoline and gazebo got blown away after this last storm. I am sure patio furniture was also a big one to go.
  • Secure your doors. This includes the garage door. The garage door may not seem it, but it is the most vulnerable.
  • If possible move your car inside. I park my cars outside due to my garage being a mess. Enough branches fell around my car that I decided I will clean out my garage to be able to park inside next time!

This list is by no means complete, but it is definitely a start. If you have any questions on how to secure your home, or what to do if your home was damaged, email us at: [email protected], and we will do our best to help our Clarksville (and beyond) peeps.