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2 Things Home Buyers Want In A Home

In a market where the housing inventory is low, you may think buyers will be willing to comprise on some features of the home they want. This is not always the case. There are 2 things that home buyers continue to look for in today’s market.

  1. Home buyers are not giving up their garage. The National Association of Home Builders (NHAB) released an article showing that:
  • 64% of new homes being built have a 2 car garage.
  • 21% have a garage that can hold 3 or more vehicles.
  • 7% have a 1 car garage
  • 7% Do not have a garage, or a carport
  • 1% have a carport

2. Home buyers do not want to give up their patio space either. The NAHB stated the following:

  • 876,000 single family homes were started in 2018. 59.4% of those homes came with patios. This is the highest number since the NAHB started tracking in 2005.