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Clarksville Rain And How It Could Effect You.

Another day of rain, it seems like we have more rainy days than dry ones. Besides the obvious overflowing of the water ways, and the EXTREMELY muddy conditions, there are other things you should look out for when it is raining.

A lot of rain can cause damages to homes if not careful. Below are a few helpful tips when it comes to the rain and your home. To discuss this further give me a call/text at 931-237-1417.

  • Walk through your attic (if you have one). What you will do is walk around (bring a flashlight if you don’t have a light in there) and check for any leaks coming in. Not only should you look for dripping but areas that are moist as well.
  • Look for water stains. Walk around your home and check out your ceilings. There should be no yellow or brown stains. If there are, water is getting in through your ceiling.
  • Check you gutters. If you have no water coming out your downspout, that means that they are clogged. You should clean out your gutters yearly. If not, that water can sit in the gutters and eventually cause roof issues.
  • Drainage from downspouts. As rain flows from your downspouts you want to make sure that the water is draining away from the house. If the water doesn’t, you can end up with foundation issues.
  • Basement and crawl spaces. If you have a basement or crawl space that tends to flood, make sure that the water is directed away from the area. You may need to install a sump pump if it happens regularly.