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Technology And Real Estate

Things change. These last couple of months there have been big changes in the way many of us do things. Real estate is no different. Like many people, real estate is adapting by switching to a virtual format. Thanks to technology it is still possible for many to continue on their quest for homeownership.

Let’s look at how the real estate world is becoming virtual.

1. Virtual Consultations – Instead of meeting face to face with your real estate agent or lending team, you now can use video chat. The virtual way to meet and talk face to face.

2. Home Searches & Virtual Showings – Many people are familiar with virtual home searches, and have used them. Now, you can go on virtual tours of the homes that you want to look at! Sellers also can have virtual open houses and virtual tours done of their home.

3. Document Signing – Transactions can be signed online through electronic signing right from your computer.

4. Sending Money – Many times when paying for an appraisal or a home inspection, you can pay over the phone (or on a website) via credit card. If you have earnest money, you can write a check/money order and mail it right to your agent.

The virtual process is the necessary way right now, but that does not mean that it is the way of the future for real estate. Only time will tell.

Bottom Line

If you need to move today, technology can help make it happen; there are options available. Let’s touch base today to discuss your situation and our local regulations, so you don’t have to put your real estate plans on hold.