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Get The Most Storage Out Of Your Home

Whether you have a large home or a small home, there always seems to be storage issues. Sometimes you have to get creative to find ways to help store your items.

  • Off Season Clothing – Get some plastic bins, or those vacuum bags and fill with your off season clothing. Afterwards tuck it under your bed. If you do not have enough room under your bed, and no way to lift it higher, maximize your closet space by using cascading hangers.
  • Extra Linens – Try the vacuum storage bags. Your items will shrink significantly. They can then be stored on a shelf, or under the bed.
  • Shoes – Use an over the door shoe hanger. You will be able to store multiple pair of shoes without using a lot of space.
  • Bikes – If you do not have a deck, garage or basement to store your bike, don’t worry. Install strong hooks from the ceiling or wall and hang the bike.
  • Decorations/keepsakes – There is usually unused space in the upper part of your closest as well as room behind hung clothes in the closet. You may need a step stool to access these spaces, but you wouldn’t be getting these items often.
  • Toys – Use an over the door shoe hanger. It is great for cars, dolls, stuffed animals etc.
  • Make up – Yet again, the over the door shoe hanger saves the day. You can use that for make up and other bathroom necessities.