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Hidden Costs While Self-Isolating

We are getting to save some money while self-isolating, but we are spending more in other ways. Here are just a few ways we are starting to spend more. Have you noticed an increase in certain spending since being at home?

  • Utilities – While we are spending more time at home, our utilities are being used more often.
  • Groceries – You may end up spending more on groceries due to less selection (due to the shelves being bare), cost of grocery delivery and just the fact that you are eating more at home.
  • Meal Delivery and Takeout – You may not be able to go to a restaurant but you can order takeout from most restaurants at this time. Also, thanks to delivery services, you can get just about anything delivered to your home for a price.
  • Alcohol and other comforts – Alcohol consumption has gone up nationwide. Areas that have legalized marijuana also state that they are having a drive in sales. The reason for this is “Social isolation is really strongly linked to physical and mental health problems and the way we cope with a lot of them is by drinking more” (Repak states).
  • Subscriptions – As you watch more of your streaming service, it may become boring. Making you add additional subscriptions. Save some money by picking only one.
  • Online Shopping – Many people are turning to online shopping. Impulse buying can be costly.
  • New Hobbies – With everyone spending more time in the home, many people are turning to new hobbies for entertainment. Some of those hobbies can become costly.