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Dangers Within The Home

Home is where you feel comfortable and safe, but there are dangers within the home that can go undetected. The 4 most common household hazards are:

  • Mold
  • Exposed asbestos
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Fire

Now that we know what these household hazards are, how can we avoid them?

  1. Mold – There are many different types of mold. To prevent mold you have to keep your house dry. You may need a dehumidifier, or an exhaust fan. If you find black mold (aka toxic mold) don’t panic. Call a professional to remove it.
  2. Exposed asbestos – Asbestos is something that can be found in older homes. Homes built after 1978 should not have asbestos. Asbestos is only harmful when you begin disturbing it, cutting it etc. Handling asbestos can be a dangerous task, so make sure you call a professional who can remove it and check if you have it.
  3. Carbon monoxide poisoning – This can occur when appliances are not ventilated properly and when chimneys are not cleaned properly. To avoid getting carbon monoxide poisoning make sure your appliances are vented properly and your chimney cleaned. Also, buy a carbon monoxide detector to help detect any that may be in your house. If you are still uncertain you can have a professional come in and check your home.
  4. Fire – House fires are usually caused by the use of everyday objects such as candles, and kitchen appliances. The most surprising of the fire starters is the dryer lint from your dryer. To avoid these hazards, also extinguish open flames (such as candles), watch your appliances when using them (stove), and clean out your dryer and your dryer vent.