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Cheap Ways To Help Your Run Down Patio

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, everything is blooming, and you want to spend more time outdoors. If you happen to have a patio that needs sprucing up, here are some cheap ideas to help you out.

Stop pests and pets – Do you have critters all over your patio? Are they digging in the dirt near or around it? Stop them by spreading pine cones in the dirt instead of mulch. These cones will deter pests and pets from digging.

A Pop of color – Add a pop of color on your cement patio by painting it bright colors and/or bold patterns.

Rust removal not furniture removal – Is your patio furniture covered in rust? You can go out and buy new furniture or you can combat the rust. If the rust has not eaten away the parts, you can easily scrape away the rust by using something to scour it away. Once rust is removed, you can repaint the furniture.

Have some outdoor storage – Storage is as important outdoors as it is indoors. To remove the clutter lying around, make yourself some outdoor storage.

Make a fire pit – You do not have to buy an expensive fire pit. You can make one by buying some heat resistant pavers and make it the size you want. Check Pinterest for some great DIY fire pits.