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Mental Escapes For Your Weekend

You may not get to go where you want to, thanks to COVID-19 but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape. Here are 7 ways to escape mentally.

  • Meditate – Take time each day to clear your mind through meditation. Start breathing exercises while you meditate. They will help you clear the mental clutter.
  • Exercise – Getting outside is a great way to relieve any stress! Whether you go for a walk, a run, or something in between, get out and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Music – Listening to music is a great way to unwind and clear your head.
  • Creativity – Immerse yourself in creativity. Whether it’s writing, crafting, painting, cooking, etc, your creative outlet will help you cope with daily stress.
  • Daydream – Take time and daydream while staring out the window. Just by that act alone, you are relieving stress. All it takes is a minute to help the stress melt away.
  • Movies – Movies are a great way for the whole family to escape. Just sit down and watch, worry free.
  • Gum – Yes, that’s right, gum. If you need a quick de-stressor, chew a piece of gum.