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What To Do And What Not To Do When Buying A House

Here are some house hunting tips to avoid!

  • Buying a house sight unseen – Photos are a great sneak peek of a house but they don’t show everything. Before you you make an offer definitely tour the place and location.
  • Using the the agent on the sign – This may seem convenient but many times it can become a conflict of interest. More than likely the agent is representing the seller, and will have the sellers best interest.
  • Relying on an online home value estimator – That is exactly what it is, an estimate. It does not know the house and what has been done, or not done to it.
  • Not worrying about a school district if you don’t have children – School districts matter regardless of your parenting status. Neighborhoods with good school districts tend to maintain value and appreciate faster than those in other areas.
  • Refusing to look at a house that doesn’t have all the amenities you want – Your list is important, but prioritize your list. What do you absolutely need? What on your list is just “nice to have”. By making a list you are able to decide what you really don’t need and what you do.
  • Not paying attention to the HOA – HOA’s have different rules, stipulations and restrictions. Make sure you learn about the HOA for the house you are buying.