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Staging Your Home On A Budget

Home staging is a simple thing you can do to help showcase your home’s best features. This can be done without breaking the bank and can increase your final sale. So what are 5 important home staging tips?

  1. Depersonalize – Take down all those photos of you and your family. Photos are considered a distraction when they are trying to envision their family living there.
  2. Maximize space – Declutter your home. Do not forget to declutter those closets as well. Clutter makes every space look smaller than it is. Declutter to make things appear larger.
  3. Clean – Remember a dirty home is unappealing. The cheapest way you can stage is just by cleaning. Make sure your dirty dishes are not in the sink.
  4. Modernize when possible – When people see a home that appears dated, they tend to reflect that by giving a lower offer. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Consider switching out gold fixtures for nickel or chrome. Update that cabinet hardware, etc.
  5. Neutralize – Give your room a fresh coat of paint. Remember use use neutral colors. When you have vibrant and bright colors, the buyer sees a necessary paint job, which can turn them away. But neutralizing the color scheme, a buyer can visualize their own style.