Easy Landscaping Ideas – What's Up Clarksville

Easy Landscaping Ideas

With the summer months upon us, you may be focusing more on landscaping your outdoors. Landscaping doesn’t have to be complex nor does it have to cost a fortune. Here are 5 simple DIY landscaping ideas!

  • Add some firm edging. That will keep your grass at bay and off your walkways.
  • Create a focal point in your front yard. You don’t have to have plain old grass, add colors and textures. This will not only become a focal point but may also give you privacy and diffuse street noise.
  • Make a flagstone wall. Your goal is to make it no higher than 12 inches and not mortar is needed!
  • Create a gravel path. This is a great project to do in the front and backyards. You can also make your path with gentle curves. You don’t have to have a straight path.
  • Build a tree surround. This is a great idea to help make your trees stand out, as well as give you less to mow. A tree surround is a border (small wall) that surrounds your tree.