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Insects Ruining Outdoor Fun? Try These Tricks

Spending time outdoors is a great way to celebrate summer. The problem many of us face are the bugs and insects. Here are some tips to help your backyard become insect free!

  • Patio fans – If you have a patio and no fan, consider getting one. Not only will it help cool you down but mosquitoes do not like the breeze.
  • No over mulching – excess mulch gives ants and cockroaches the ideal environment to nest. Do not stop using mulch all together because then you will have yellow jackets tunnel their way into your dirt.
  • No standing water – That doesn’t just mean on the ground. Your gutters and downspouts can have standing water. Which will help those mosquito larvae thrive. Also, walk around and make sure you don’t have any standing water anywhere.
  • Keep your grass and garden trimmed – Ticks love to hide in tall grass. Make sure to keep your grass mowed to keep them from getting into your home.
  • Add plants – Not all plants draw insects to them. Some plants actually detour them. Bugs dislike strong smells such as mint or citrus. Certain plants will deter certain bugs and insects.
  • Have a lighter color home – Who would have thought the color of your home would make a difference in the insect world? There have been studies done which show that insects can see dark and bright colors more easily. Which is also why people are told to wear white or light colored clothing to keep the insects away.
  • Create a bat house – Yes that’s right. If you live in an area that has bats you may want to make a bat house (similar to a bird house). Why would you want bats around your property? According to Bat Conservation International, one small bat can eat 1000 mosquitoes in an hour.