10 BBQ Hacks For Summer – What's Up Clarksville

10 BBQ Hacks For Summer

Use these fun hacks for the ultimate backyard barbecue.

  1. Keep the Ugly Bottles in the Fridge – Put condiments in a muffin tray and use popsicle sticks for labels.
  2. Avoid a Sticky Grill – Make sure your grill doesn’t have sticky grates by rubbing half an onion over it.
  3. DIY Individual Ice Cream Cups – Add individual scoops of ice cream to cupcake liners the night before and freeze. Simply serve at the party.
  4. DIY S’mores Pot – Use small terracotta pots, tin foil, and a little charcoal to make personal DIY s’mores roasters.
  5. Use Natural Mosquito Repellent – Use sage over a fire or on your grill (after cooking) as a natural mosquito repellent.
  6. Create Ambiance– Add fun lighting using your holiday lights.
  7. Set up Various Yard Games – Set up creative games like human ring toss, a three-legged race, or water balloon fights.
  8. Keep Your Drinks Cold – Freeze water balloons as ice to keep your beverages cold.
  9. Make fun Mocktails/Cocktails – Create a few mocktails that can be
    easily turned into cocktails.
  10. Create a Giant Bubble Wand for Kids – Use a kiddie pool and a hula hoop to create a giant bubble wand.