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Myths That Are Costing You Money!

Here are 10 myths that can cost you time and money! These myths are:

  • Stone countertops are indestructible – They are not, so be careful how you handle them and clean them.
  • Smoke detector’s test button is all you need – The test button only tests that the sound is working. It doesn’t test to see if the sensor is working. To test to see if the sensor is working, hold a match near the detector and blow it out. See if it goes off.
  • Gutter guards are maintenance free – (on a side note, this is something that I thought was true). Gutter guards only keep out larger items. You still have to clean out the smaller ones that can get through.
  • A lemon is a great way to clean the garbage disposal – The truth is that even though it is natural, doing this will damage your disposal and pipes eventually.
  • Mowing your lawn real short means less mowing – You actually will get to mow less, but your lawn will look terrible. This is because grass that is cut under 1 in will die.
  • Compact fluorescent lights are dangerous and cost too much – If you switch over to cfl lights, you can save up to $60 a year and some cost as little as $3, and it puts less toxins in the air!
  • A kitchen upgrade will increase my homes value – This may be true in certain respects but don’t run and do a trendy makeover. Trends come and go very quickly.
  • A friend recommending a contractor is good enough. You don’t have to check reviews – Check reviews. A good contractor will have more happy customers than just your friend. Don’t be afraid to ask around.
  • Turning off your AC when your not home saves energy – When you turn off your ac when you go out, you could actually be costing yourself more money. How so? Well once you turn it back on, your ac has to work double time to re-cool your home. Kissing your savings goodbye.
  • Permits are not necessary – Yes they are. They protect you against shoddy work, as well as damages that could occur if something does happen.

Do you know any additional myths that can be costing people money? Let me know!