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Summertime Irritants And How To Rid Yourself Of Them

Summer fun is happening all around us. Pools, beaches, lakes, cook outs…the list keeps going. But not all summer things are fun. There are some that can be down right annoying. Here are a few annoying items and how to fix them!

  • Spiders and ants! To keep these pests from coming inside, make sure your doors and windows are sealed and also make sure that outlets, pipes and wires are sealed as well. Those sneaky buggers can get in those areas as well.
  • Stinky garbage! That’s right, I am sure we have all smelled the ripe garbage when wheeling our pails to the curb. One way to eliminate some of that odor is to clean out the fridge the night before, so the food isn’t just sitting in the garbage for days. Also, a little baking soda in the bottom of each garbage bag and a little in each day, can help neutralize the odors.
  • Hot Feet when barefoot! If you are getting your tootsies burned when you walk on the back deck or patio, you may have to add some shade to help you. Awnings, shade sails and pergola’s can help.
  • Plants with only stems! That’s right, toward the middle of summer the plants look like stems and nothing else. Maybe a sad little flower on top. That can definitely ruin curb appeal. To fix this just cut the stems down two-thirds of the way down their base. In a couple of weeks those stems will bloom again.
  • MOSQUITOES! Those pests deserve to be all capital because they are a menace to out door fun. To help eliminate mosquitoes you must first find and get rid of standing water, this includes gutters, make sure to get all the debris out of them. If you have the ability, install an outdoor fan, mosquitoes hate breezes and winds.
  • Thunderstorms! We get those a lot. Sunny skies and a nice breeze all of a sudden turns into a wicked thunderstorm, that is done as quickly as it started. The best thing for these is to make sure you are ready for anything. Keep an umbrella handy, and be ready to move the fun indoors. If outdoors keep an eye out for falling branches/trees.
  • High electric bills! This kills me every summer. But there are ways to fight against those higher than normal bills. Make sure your ac is set to help maintain regularity. When you turn it off and turn it back on (or when you make the temperature higher when you get home) you don’t save money because the a/c has to work twice as hard to cool it back down to where you want it to be. Also, make sure you change your a/c filters regularly.