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Ideas For Tight Space Living

Imagine you were living in a tiny apartment in NYC. You would definitely have to get creative to save space. Even if your home has a larger square footage, you may still want to make room, save space and just be less cramped. Here are 6 ideas to help you do just that!

  • Buy something, toss something – That’s right, when you buy something and bring it into the home, toss something you don’t want/need anymore. If it’s clothing, see what you haven’t worn for a while, and get rid of it. Besides just tossing, pay attention to how much you are buying.
  • Vertical storage – That’s right, when you can’t go out, go up. Put shelves as high as you can or want. Hang bikes from the ceiling or wall (but make sure you get the proper hook).
  • Store things on the back of your doors – Use every door’s interior for storage. Mount magazine file boxes inside the kitchen cupboard to store your baggies, foil, plastic wrap, etc. Hang a shoe bag inside your bedroom closet. Speaking of shoe bags, they aren’t just for shoes! Mount one in your bathroom for make up, jewelry or other small objects. Put one in the hallway closet to use for cleaning supplies, light bulbs etc.
  • Containers – get containers to help you store items. You can get stackable ones, to stack things high into the closet. Use containers to store toys. Some furniture comes with hidden storage, so if you have that make sure you utilize it. If you are using containers on book shelves or other places that are easily visible, get some decorative ones or colors that you like.
  • Hide things in plain sight – What a strange thought. Sometimes, it only takes a bit of an imagination. Hang pots and pans from your kitchen ceiling (they make special racks for that). Put some of your favorite knick knacks on your book shelf. Keep your book shelf tidy by putting all your nicest ones in the front.
  • Hide the clutter – When you can’t hide it in plain sight, just hide it. If you have stairs, consider adding drawers behind them. If you have room next to your fridge, build a roll out pantry for spices. Cut out your wall between the studs and make it a shelf (for small items) get a picture or painting and cover it up.

What are some of your storage ideas for clutter? Let me know.