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Best Time Of Year To Shop For Home Items

Ever wonder when the best time of year is to buy certain items for the best price? Well, wonder no more. Here is a list of items and the best time to buy!

  • Furniture – The best time to buy furniture is January and July. You could score 30% – 60% off! Why those months? Well February and August is when the new stuff comes out, so stores need to make room.
  • Storage Items – The best time to buy storage items is January and August. These are the best times to get deals because the stores are trying to lore parents in, whose students are starting new semesters. Even though it is geared toward parents, everyone benefits.
  • Towels/linens – The best time to buy these items is January. The reason behind this one goes back to 1878. Stores had launched what is known as white sales. A marketing tactic to get people to buy higher quality bedding and towels. It is still used today.
  • Appliances (not refrigerators) – There are a few good times of year to buy these items. Such as, January, September, October, and the Holidays. September, October and January are great times because the stores are getting rid of old merchandise to make room for the new models. Now, if you don’t want last years model, wait until Black Friday or the Holidays. You can get good deals on the current model.
  • Mattresses – The best time to buy mattresses is February and May. So why are these times the best? You have Presidents Day in February and Memorial Day in May. Both are great times to get those sales.
  • Refrigerators – May is the best time to buy yourself a new fridge. That is when the new models come in and the old go on sale. Plus, with Memorial Day in that month, you can get some great discounts all around.
  • Snow Blowers – With snow blowers being such a seasonal item, the best time to buy is when you don’t need them, March and April. That is because the spring items are coming in and stores don’t want to have the snow blowers taking up room, so they will go on sale.
  • Vacuum Cleaners – They go on sale in April and May because the new models come out in June. Aren’t we lucky, just in time for spring cleaning.
  • Roofing – The materials are cheapest in May. BUT if you are using a professional their prices start to go up in April. If you want a deal on a contractor doing your roof, your best bet is in the Winter.
  • Gas Grills – After the 4th of July the grills start going on sale. That may seem strange but the stores are already planning for back to school and Halloween.

So keep an eye out for those sales! When’s your favorite time to shop? Let’s talk about it.