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Tips To Prevent Kitchen Fires

Did you know that 44% of house fires started in the kitchen? Of that 44%, 2/3 of the fires are because of food or other cooking items igniting. The good news is that those fires can be prevented. Here are some helpful tips on preventing those fires.

  • Never leave your cooking food unattended.
  • Turn off your stove if you have to leave.
  • Use a timer to remind yourself you are cooking.
  • Be alert when cooking.
  • Have a smoke detector near/in the kitchen.
  • Have a small kitchen fire extinguisher on hand.
  • Keep a pan lid and oven mitt nearby (in case of small fires)
  • Do not allow children within 3 feet of the stove, or other cooking device that is being used.

By following those simple rules, you are less likely to have a kitchen fire.