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Is It Safe To Sell Your Home?

It is definitely a sellers market. The demand for houses is high and the supply is low. It is also a great time to buy because interest rates are at an all time low. The question that may arise is, “is it safe to sell my home”?

The Coronavirus is still a very real concern, and makes sellers wonder if it really is a good time to sell. Zillow has listed the top 3 reasons that people are uncertain about selling.

  • 34% – Life is too uncertain right now
  • 31% – Financial uncertainty
  • 25% – Covid 19 health concerns

If you think about it, all 3 can be related. No matter your reasoning, the good news is that your real estate agent has spent 2020 learning how to sell your home in a safe and efficient manner. If you are uncomfortable with people coming into your home, you can have a virtual tour. The virtual tour is just one way that technology is becoming more used in the real estate world. Other ways are:

  • Accurate and detailed listing information
  • Detailed neighborhood information
  • High-Quality listing photos
  • 3D listing photos
  • Agent led video chats

Technology is not the only way agents are making home showings safe. They are making sure to have safe and effective in person showings as well. The National Association of realtors has strict guidelines for in person showings.

  • Limiting in-person activity
  • R­­­equiring guests to wash their hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Removing shoes or covering them with booties
  • Following CDC guidance on social distancing and wearing face coverings